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About Jurik Research Software
  • User agree -- Jurik Research add-in modules for 15 charting platforms is the "gold standard" by which all others are compared. Once you see our low-lag, low-noise technical indicators, there's no going back. Add-ins for TradeStation, eSignal, NinjaTrader, NeoTicker, Neuro-Shell, MetaStock, Investor R/T, Trade Navigator, Amibroker, and many more. Multiple winner of Stock and Commodities Reader's Choice Award.
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Products by Jurik Research Software
  • JMA -- Jurik Moving Average

    Have you noticed how moving averages add some lag (delay) to your signals? ... especially when price gaps up or down in a big move, and you are waiting for your moving average to catch up? Wait no more! JMA eliminates this problem forever and gives you the best of both worlds: low lag and smooth... Read more
  • VEL -- Jurik's Velocity Indicator

    Have you tried to smooth your noisy momentum indicators, only to watch it lag farther behind price so much as to be useless? VEL removes all noise and reveals true momentum, WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL LAG! No you get to see market momentum as it was meant to be seen. Read more
  • RSX -- Jurik's Relative Strength Index

    Wilder's RSI is a very popular and clever technical indicator ... but is very noisy. Jurik's RSX is a super smooth, "noise free" version of RSI, with no added lag !! timing is everything. There's no question as to when RSX is reversing direction. No indecision, no lost time. Read more