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About longtermtrading.com
  • longtermtrading.com offers 6 unique and profitable long-term commodity trading systems - WaveRider, Ready-Set-Go, Anomaly 1 and 2, CountDown, and CoatTails. Each of the systems come with TradeStation Easy Language or stand-alone Windows software and have the following features in common:

    - Trades Long-Term with Weekly Data

    - Utilizes Simple and Time-Proven Market Concepts

    - Rigorous Backtesting and Full Disclosure of all Rules - No Black Boxes

    - 100% Mechanical & Completely Nonoptimized Parameters

    - Tested on Standardized Portfolios

    - Exceptional Value

    Futures Truth has included Ready-Set-Go in their annual "Top Ten Most Consistent Performing Systems" report since 2006. Futures Truth has long been recognized as the most objective and authoritative source of independent information on mechanical commodity trading systems.

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Products by longtermtrading.com
  • Ready-Set-Go

    The Ready-Set-Go system is so named because it requires a very specific 3-part market setup action to enter the markets (1-Ready, 2-Set, and 3-Go). The system is a long term system that identifies and trades off of specific swing points for entry signals. It has a unique trailing stop based on a... Read more
  • WaveRider

    The WaveRider trading system is longtermtrading.com's answer to the Turtle system - WaveRider requires you spend 1/10 to 1/50 as much time to implement and trade as the Turtle system and our profit/drawdown ratio blows it away . The WaveRider system is so named because it catches the very... Read more
  • CoatTails

    Coattails is a long term volatility based breakout system that is designed to identify increased commercial and large speculative buying in the market from a bottoming or consolidating base. It only takes long positions. Coattails identifies large commercial buying, determines critical... Read more