Algo Design Solutions

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401 S. LaSalle St, Ste. 1302 E
Chicago, IL 60605
About Algo Design Solutions
  • Algo Design Solutions’ mission is to help our clients increase their returns through smart investments in algorithmic trading platforms:

    - Reduce Trade Implementation Latency (TIL) by building algorithmic trading solutions using a suite of developmental tools. Shortening the typical software development cycle allows clients to quickly deploy complex trade ideas. Why wait six months to deploy an automated strategy when you can be ready in a few weeks?

    - Overcome barriers to entry of the electronic trading space. In-house development teams can be prohibitively expensive for mid- and small-tier trading organizations.
    Larger institutions are able to dominate the algorithmic space simply because they can afford to host developers.

    - Increase returns by reducing cost. Incremental savings from reduced market impact, smarter order routing, and lower development costs increase portfolio returns.
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Products by Algo Design Solutions
  • Bespoke Customized Algorithmic Trading

    The heart of ADS is building customized algorithmic trading tools for our clients. Any trade can be automated to enhance risk management, reduce latency, or broaden market coverage. We assist in bringing profitable trades from point-and-click trading to fully automated solutions. Through... Read more
  • Agorithmic Tading Consulting

    ADS pleased to assist in the development of a robust framework to manage the algo development process, from idea generation to algo deployment and implementation. Industry best practices for algo development and deployment form the core of our consulting offering. Each job is unique, and we... Read more
  • Algorithmic Trading Testing and Review

    TESTING & REVIEWS ADS can assist traders or FCMs that would like a qualified professional opinion on an algorithm’s soundness and risk management features. This can involve market scenario testing, stress testing, back testing against historical datasets, and complete code reviews. We are happy... Read more