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  • Adaptive Modeler By Altreva

    Adaptive Modeler is an application for creating artificial market models for price forecasting of real-world stocks and other securities. Using agent-based technology and evolutionary computing, models evolve incrementally ("walk-forward") while processing real-world market data. During their... Read More
  • Adaptrade Builder By Adaptrade Software

    Adaptrade Builder finds the best combination of price patterns, technical indicators, and entry and exit rules and writes the corresponding strategy code for TradeStation. Use Builder to quickly and easily create unique strategies (trading systems) for almost any market and time frame. With... Read More
  • Advanced Futures By Advanced Futures Inc

    We know what active traders need. Advanced Futures and Forex provide traders with solutions to trading the market. With a choice of many trading platforms, and a dedicated customer service team focused on providing some of the most comprehensive personal care in the industry. AF offers a line of... Read More
  • Advanced Options Trading Online Video Seminar© for advanced Option Traders By Trading Educators Inc

    Advanced Options Trading Online Video Seminar© for advanced Option Traders, with Alan Parry Option Training YOU Can’t Afford to Miss. Learn about our latest program designed for options trading success – in today’s markets! You can learn to profit from market volatility — futures markets,... Read More
  • Advanz Auto4X By Micro-Labs Inc

    The Advanz Auto4X™ platform takes your TradeStation® strategy signals and automates their execution to Gain Capital’s trading platform. Advanz Auto4X™ is designed to be powerful, flexible and accurate to meet the needs of complex institutional trading departments. It is also designed to be... Read More
  • Ag Marketing Professional By Brugler Marketing & Management LLC

    Ag Marketing Professional or AMP is a complete advisory and analysis package for agricultural commodities, targeted at agricultural producers and commodity buyers. It features twice daily market summaries and strategy recommendations using options, futures, basis contracts, cash sales and other... Read More
  • Agorithmic Tading Consulting By Algo Design Solutions

    ADS pleased to assist in the development of a robust framework to manage the algo development process, from idea generation to algo deployment and implementation. Industry best practices for algo development and deployment form the core of our consulting offering. Each job is unique, and we... Read More
  • Alchemy Auto Fibs By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    Never miss a retracement level again. Identify your pullback target levels and enter the market with confidence. The Alchemy Fibonacci Retracement/Extension Indicators automatically calculate the primary trends and then display the appropriate retracement/extension levels in real-time. You will... Read More
  • Alchemy Counter-Trend System By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    The Alchemy Counter-Trend system combines multiple divergences and support & resistance, making it a powerful tool for counter-trend trading. For more information please go to our website at Read More
  • Alchemy Market Analysis Tool Kit By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    A comprehensive trading software package written and used by real traders in all markets. Trading Alchemy is a highly graphic and easy to use indicator package for the TradeStation Platform. The Trading Alchemy Indicator Package excels in its use of real time text objects and trendlines, as... Read More
  • Alchemy Overbought/Oversold By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    The Alchemy Overbought/Oversold indicators spot overbought and oversold conditions on up to two oscillators on a single data series or on up to two different data series. In a strong trending market, oscillators can remain in overbought/oversold territory for a long period of time before prices... Read More
  • Alchemy Pivots-All-In-One By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    The Alchemy All-In-One Pivots indicator combines the Floor Traders Pivots, Floor Traders Mid Points, Open-High-Low-Close and Rolling Pivots into one indicator. This indicator accesses bar information from other specified time intervals such as tick, minute, daily, weekly or monthly intervals... Read More
  • Alchemy TrendCatcher By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    The Alchemy TrendCatcher Indicators are a powerful trend trading tool that are very easy to use and they will help you to stay in the right direction of any market move. This indicator package contains a chart analysis indicator and a separate RadarScreen/Scanner indicator. These indicators... Read More
  • Alchemy Ultimate Divergence Machine By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    The Alchemy Ultimate Divergence Machine can be used to detect divergence between price and any specified oscillator, between 2 different price series or between 2 specified oscillators. Some of the unique features of this indicator are: Divergence can be specified as regular divergence;... Read More
  • Algorithmic Trading Testing and Review By Algo Design Solutions

    TESTING & REVIEWS ADS can assist traders or FCMs that would like a qualified professional opinion on an algorithm’s soundness and risk management features. This can involve market scenario testing, stress testing, back testing against historical datasets, and complete code reviews. We are happy... Read More
  • Alternative Asset Custody Solutions By Millennium Trust Company

    Millennium Trust provides solutions that help you access a full range of assets and meet the diverse needs of today's investors. Since 2000, we have been a leader in the custody of traditional and alternative assets. While we specialize in the custody of alternative assets, investors can also... Read More
  • Apex Classroom Membership By Apex Investing Institute

    Unlimited Access Pass: Online Coaching Traders Forum & Trading Journal Read More
  • Apex Mentor Winning Investor/Winning Trader Mentorship By Apex Investing Institute

    Apex Mentor Winning Investor/Winning Trader Mentorship Read More
  • App Pack #1 for eSignal By Matheny Enterprises

    Our AppPack1 is a set of NINE indicators and systems for you to use with eSignal. The MENT AppPack#1 consists of nine applications. Below, I've detailed what you receive and how they are designed to improve your trading. MENT Auto TrendMaster V3 : is a trend identification/following... Read More
  • APT: Apex Power Trading: 5 Power Trading Strategies By Apex Investing Institute

    Online Classroom Webinar Access 1) Forex Trading Strategy – Pips and Pitfalls 2) Futures Trading Strategy – Ticks, Tricks, and Margin Power 3) Stocks & ETF’s Trading Strategy – Looking Down To Go Up 4) Options Trading Strategy – Greeks & Gains 5) The Ultimate Whipsaw Elimination Strategy Read More
  • APT: Apex Power Trading: Complete By Apex Investing Institute

    Includes All Three APT Courses Online Total of 12 Webinars Read More
  • APT: Apex Power Trading: Essentials By Apex Investing Institute

    Online Classroom Webinar Access 1) Risk Management 2) Backtesting & Paper Trading 3) Platforms, Commission, and Data Feed’s Read More
  • APT: Apex Power Trading: Secrets of Successful Traders By Apex Investing Institute

    Online Classroom Webinar Access 1) Strategy vs. System vs. Style – The Difference Is Vital! 2) One Pattern For All Markets – The Ultimate Trading System 3) Diagnostic Technical Analysis 4) Diagnostic Seasonal Analysis Read More
  • Arps Scan Sentry Toolkit By Jan Arps' Traders Toolbox

    Scan through hundreds of symbols in any time frame with the unique Arps Scan Sentry Tool Kit to identify those setting up to break out into a powerful new trend, those in a trend pullback phase and ripe for entry, and those reaching the end of their trend. Read More
  • Ask Trader Ed Advice Column By TraderPlanet

    When Ed first joined Trader Planet, it was for selfish reasons - he wanted to find other traders who were trading the same markets as he was and tap into their ideas and strategies. So Ed started befriending every new member who registered and offered to answer questions about navigating the... Read More
  • Autochartist PRS By Interbank FX LLC

    How do pattern recognition systems work? The PRS scans multiple currencies and time frames looking for price consolidation patterns. When a forming pattern is identified, traders using the PRS will be alerted. Completed patterns offer traders a look at where the price direction is most likely... Read More
  • Automated Trading Strategies By Daniels Trading

    Trading futures and options involves the risk of loss. You should consider carefully whether futures or options are appropriate to your financial situation. Only risk capital should be used when trading futures or options. Past results are not necessarily indicative of futures... Read More
  • Autospreader By Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT)

    TT's Autospreader, which incorporates the patented MD Trader® interface, is the most powerful tool for spread traders. Autospreader is one of several automated trading applications build into TT's X_TRADER Pro. It helps create, manage and execute inter-product and cross-exchange spread trading... Read More
  • Autotrader By Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT)

    An increasing number of traders-—from banks to proprietary traders to hedge funds--are relying on automated tools to optimize their trades. TT’s Autotrader is one of the most powerful auto-trading products on the market. This robust, flexible tool, which is one of several automated applications... Read More

    AVC SIGNALS use Trade recommendations Signals including Entry, Take Profit, Stop Loss for Currencies, Major Indexes, Gold, Silver and Oil. AVC SIGNALS offers 2 types of signals : Long Term Strategy Signals and Short Term Strategy Signals. All signals are available through Website, Email and SMS. Read More
  • A-Venture Capital Private Equity By A-VENTURE CAPITAL LLC

    A-Venture Capital is dedicated to creating long-term value for its corporate clients and investors. The firm's vision is to act as a strategic partner, providing capital, advisory services, contacts and strategic direction to maximize the success of each company. Read More
  • A-Venture Capital S.A By A-VENTURE CAPITAL LLC

    A-Venture Capital is an asset management firm, providing Individual Portfolio Management, Global Alternative Investment & Private Wealth Management. The firm also offers business consulting, Venture Capital and Private Equity activities. A-Venture Capital S.A is a Swiss financial company... Read More