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  • Day Trading By Trading Educators Inc

    Day Trading (for futures traders): This is a book that is a "must read" for online intraday trading. In Day Trading, Joe Ross reveals his major, minor, and intermediate intraday trading signals. He shows you exactly what they are, and explains why they are important. He emphasizes the how, why,... Read More
  • Day Trading By Traders International

    Are You Looking For A Roadmap to Financial Freedom? Would you invest in a business if you had a genuine chance of generating nice profits? A business with no staff, no customers, no inventory, no rent and could literally be operated from anywhere in the world? Wait it gets better, how... Read More
  • DDR -- data compression and decorrelation By Jurik Research Software

    You can now overcome two huge problems inherent in financial data when creating leading indicators. DDR will decorrelate your data and reduce the number of explanatory variables needed to make your leading indicators work. Perfect for neural networks, genetic algorithms, classification trees,... Read More
  • Dealbook® By GFT Forex

    DealBook® 360 is a free, fully customizable forex trading platform for all levels and types of traders. This award-winning software offers advanced charting and order types, as well as free analysis tools to provide a comprehensive trading experience. Read More
  • Dennis Meyers Publications By Meyers Analytics

    Advanced mathematical rocket science algorithms applied to trading strategies. Read More
  • DependaBill™ By Quick Screen Trading

    DependaBill™ is a complete solution for your billing and customer-care needs. With our software platform and services, you have the entire billing process covered. When you use DependaBill™, your bills go out on time, so you get paid sooner. The best part? You don't have to worry about... Read More
  • Direct Market Access Solutions For Automated Futures Trading By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    RCG provides personalized solutions for experienced futures brokers and traders who use black box and grey box systems, or who wish to route market data into their own proprietary futures trading system. RCG has co-located servers next to major exchanges, and provides low-latency connectivity to... Read More
  • Direction Starts Chart Service By

    Direction Starts is a chart service delivered by e-mail. When activity such as Buying or Selling occurs, an updated chart will be sent. Proprietary criteria, definitions and logic are given to a computer which decifers price, time and volume data, calculates direction starts and four types of... Read More
  • Directional Trading System By HedgeForward LLC

    HedgeForward LLC offers the Directional Trading System managed accounts program. The overall goal is to achieve account appreciation by positioning in and trading foreign exchange currency pairs. Our objective is to obtain relatively high risk-adjusted returns while striving to protect... Read More
  • dt CQG Trader By Daniels Trading

    dt CQG Trader has the speed and reliability of CQG Integrated Client in a quote and trading platform. CQG Trader provides DOMTrader, Quote Board, and Orders & Positions view. It's the perfect execution platform for traders who don't require technical analysis tools. Read More
  • DT Daily Reports (Futures, Forex and Stock/ETF) By Dynamic Traders Group Inc.

    Daily reports for day and swing traders for the Futures, Forex and Stock/ETF markets. Based on the trading strategies taught by Robert Miner in his High Probability Trading Strategies book. Miner has been publishing advisory and educational reports for over 20 years. Read More
  • dt NinjaTrader By Daniels Trading

    The introduction of the dt NinjaTrader platform in July of 2003 raised the bar for real-time trading applications when it pioneered the introduction of Advanced Trade Management. Since then, each subsequent release has introduced powerful customer driven enhancements. As an active trader, the... Read More
  • dt Pro By Daniels Trading

    Daniels Trading's dedication to providing the premier futures trading software in the industry was driven by our relentless pursuit of satisfying the needs of active traders and offering a trading platform that would truly set us apart in the industry. The result is our dt Pro. dt Pro is an... Read More
  • dt Strategy Runner By Daniels Trading

    dt Strategy Runner is a high performance, sophisticated yet easy-to-use online trading platform, which enables you either to place your orders yourself, or execute hands-free, automatic trading strategies. Use dt Strategy Runner to trade yourself using the latest order management tools or... Read More
  • dt Vantage By Daniels Trading

    dt Vantage is our full-featured downloadable platform designed to provide online traders with fast and reliable access to the markets. Clients can use the full range of dt Vantage features to create a complete and customizable trading platform. dt Vantage is an all purpose futures and options... Read More
  • dt Xpress By Daniels Trading

    dt Xpress is a powerful yet easy to use online futures trading platform that provides direct access to major open outcry markets as well as eligible electronic exchanges. dt Xpress is a real-time trading application for traders using the Internet to access their trading accounts. With dt Xpress... Read More
  • DTN Mobile® By DTN

    Real- time markets, weather and news for people on the move. Read More
  • DTN NxCore® By DTN

    Today's markets are competitive. To stay ahead, you must have a distinctive edge. Staying informed is key, but is it enough? Having confidence that your information is complete, accurate, reliable, and delivered to you fast can make the difference. DTN NxCore (pronounced n'core) is a... Read More
  • DTN ProphetX® By DTN

    The industry's best value — DTN ProphetX — brings together a balance of powerful technical analytic tools with broad fundamental content. How can your team stay on top of every aspect of the commodities markets and the events driving the markets—while reducing overall spending on market data... Read More
  • DTN Renewable Fuels Solutions By DTN

    With rising oil prices and tighter emissions regulations, there is ever-increasing interest in the renewable fuels industry. In order for ethanol and biodiesel producers, investors, and buyers to make the most of the market, it is important that they have the right tools and information. As... Read More
  • DTN.IQ™ By DTN

    DTN.IQFeed is a high-quality, high-value market data service for your custom application or third-party software. When it comes to analyzing the market and making profitable trades, there's no substitute for high quality data. Big institutions know this, and they pay top dollar for premier... Read More
  • Due Diligence By Peregrine Asset Management Inc

    We conduct preliminary due diligence on selected Trading Advisors. Due diligence reports cover the following areas: Analysis of Trading Advisor investment strategies. Identification of investment strategy risks and their respective mitigants. Confirmation of Trading Advisor returns... Read More
  • Dynamic Trader By Dynamic Traders Group Inc.

    Advanced trading software to unique time, price, pattern and dual time frame momentum trading strategies. Real world and practical Fib trading strategies. Designed by Robert Miner, author of Dynamic Trading and High Probability Trading Strategies. Read More
  • Dynamic Trading Book By Dynamic Traders Group Inc.

    The original and comprehensive book that integrates Dynamic Price and Time and simplified Elliott Wave trade strategies. Written by Robert Miner, Dynamic Trading is a massive instruction course that goes way beyond simple Fib price and time analysis. Read More
  • Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop By Dynamic Traders Group Inc.

    Comprehensive self paced workshop which incorporates accelerated learning techniques. Based on Robert Miner's High Probability Trading Strategies. Over 30 hourse of step-by-step and bar-by-bar instruction by a 20 year veteran trading educator and award winning real time trader. Comprehensive... Read More