Products in the Futures Online Source Book

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  • EasyLanguage Custom Programming By Alchemy Trading Technologies Inc.

    Test your trading ideas, automate your trading and create your own custom systems. Joe Jogerst, Chief Technical Officer of Trading Alchemy, is a TradeStation Open Platform Developer. He develops trading software and trading systems for instructors and professional traders. If you are interested... Read More
  • Economic Calendar By Interbank FX LLC

    The economic calendar provides insight into how market events impact trading strategies. Utilizing this tool helps enhance traders understanding of the relationship between economic news and market activity. Read More
  • Efutures Webstation By

    Webstation is designed for futures and equity traders, brokers, and market participants seeking an advanced web-based market data platform. It is also the perfect trading solution for the E-Mini trader looking for quotes, charts, technical analysis and more. If you need advanced charting and... Read More
  • Pro By

    We've partnered with CQG to bring you Efutures Pro, a quote and trading platform with the speed and reliability of CQG's Integrated Client. Efutures Pro offers up to three DOMTrader views or CQG's Order Ticket, Quote Board, and Orders & Positions view. This is an excellent platform for the... Read More
  • Electronic Trading Platform By Zenith Futures

    An easy to use electronic trading platform that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management. From streaming quotes to full communication with the trade desk, Zenith Trader's interface gives you instant access to a full suite of tools. Read More
  • Elliott Wave DVD Course By Profitunity Trading Group

    Elliott Wave theory has been in use in the markets since the 1930’s when R.N. Elliott discovered these repeating patterns in the stock markets. It has been one of the most difficult areas of the market for traders to understand. Profitunity presents the Elliott Wave theory in a simple and... Read More
  • Equities By Christopher Street Capital

    Christopher Street Capital offers research, sales and execution services combining equity research and sales trading resources with global agency execution and distribution. With no proprietary or investment banking conflicts, Christopher Street Capital offers an impartial service, from which... Read More
  • Equities Research By Christopher Street Capital

    Christopher Street Capital research conducts qualitative and quantitative research on credit derivatives, specifically analyzing their impact on equities. With focus on the equity investor, we have also developed our own highly value added multi asset based research methodology to highlight... Read More
  • Equity Options Position Limits Databank By The Institute for Financial Markets

    The Equity Options Position Limits Databank (EOPLD) is an industry utility that provides market users the compliance information they need to meet their regulatory responsibilities. The EOPLD assembles individual equity option position limits, reporting levels (if applicable) and aggregated... Read More
  • EquityTrader By Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.

    EquityTrader offers stock charts with interactive and highly customizable features to clarify and simplify traders’ investment decisions. Designed by John Bollinger, the developer of Bollinger Bands the charts include Bollinger Bands and a choice of technical indicators. EquityTrader features... Read More
  • eSignal By eSignal

    eSignal, an Interactive Data company offers award-winning trading data and analysis platforms that include reliable real-time data, advanced charting and the decision-support tools serious traders need to be successful. During its more than 28-year history, eSignal has grown into one of the... Read More
  • eSignal By Express Futures

    eSignal lets you watch the market move - right on your PC - then plan your market strategy and make your decisions using eSignal's charting and technical analysis tools. Read More
  • eSignal OnDemand By eSignal

    eSignal OnDemand is a delayed intraday / end-of-day (EOD) charting package at an incredibly low price. It lets you track global markets with on-demand access to extensive intraday and daily global historical data and use eSignal's charting and decision support software. Read More
  • eSignal, Advanced GET By eSignal

    eSignal, Advanced GET Edition is a unique, award-winning combination of market data and decision support for trading stocks, futures, options and Forex. Proprietary indicators help you spot opportunities and make a plan based on sound strategy. Read More
  • ETFs By Interactive Brokers, LLC

    Interactive Brokers’ Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is a low-cost and efficient way to diversify your investments while taking advantage of short-term fluctuations in the market by trading ETFs in Trader Workstation (TWS) just like stocks. Read More
  • Eurofutures and Eminiprofile Daytrading By All Time Market Trading Systems

    Free education, with a free course in volume based day trading. Detailed step by step instruction, with charts,written, and video demonstration of methods for employing entry and exit strategies, guided by price action and volume. Also, private mentoring possible for one qualified student per... Read More
  • Exchange for Physical (EFPs) By Interactive Brokers, LLC

    An Exchange for Physical (EFP) allows the swap of a long or short stock position for a Single Stock Future, which has an interest rate built into their price that is determined competitively by numerous market participants. Like Repos and Reverse Repos in the debt markets, EFPs provide a cheap... Read More
  • Exchange Trading Fees Databank By The Institute for Financial Markets

    Stay abreast of complex fees, changes, caps, exemptions, incentives and discounts with the IFM's Trading Fees Databank (or EFD). Our low-cost, industry utility provides trading and clearing operations with a transparent means of aggregating, interpreting and monitoring the complex fees... Read More