Products in the Futures Online Source Book

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  • Paper Trading Software By

    Learn to Trade Stocks, Futures & Forex through historical paper trading and market simulation software. Practice before you leap, and practice what you preach. Visit to download your free trial today. Read More
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting By Arthur Bell, Certified Public Accountants

    Arthur Bell has extensive experience with performance analysis and reporting to help advisors understand the questions they need to address to support investor expectations and regulatory requirements. • Prepare performance records for trading advisors in accordance with NFA and CFTC rules... Read More
  • Pip Calculator By Interbank FX LLC

    The value of a pip changes as currency rates fluctuate. To calculate your pip value, use the pip calculator to simply select your currency pair from the drop list, enter the contract size and the current price and push the Calculate button. Read More
  • PitNews Magazine By

    Futures News, Forex & Stocks Information, online, as well as a free award winning eMagazine, published monthly. What news are you missing? Get PitNews Magazine. Read More
  • Platinum By Goldworth Financial

    Allocated or unallocated Platinum. In the form of Bars and Coins. Including Bullion, Semi and Full Numismatic. Read More
  • Plug&Score By Alyuda Research

    Plug&Score is scorecard development software based on logistic regression. No other scoring model development software is as easy to use or offers such well-defined workflow to enhance your productivity. Plug&Score offers a well-organized set of pre-defined scorecard validation and monitoring... Read More
  • Portfolio Advisory and Management Services By RHL Capital

    RIA, active descretionary investment management, and Options overlay services to protect your portfolio from catastrophic risk in a volatile market. Read More
  • Portfolio Construction By Peregrine Asset Management Inc

    Creating a portfolio based on a set of expectations or specific objectives is at the heart of creating Multi-Advisor funds and multi-Advisor managed account programs. With Multi-Advisor Funds, Portfolio Construction is predicated on bringing together a number of Advisors who can collectively... Read More
  • Portfolio MCS By Inside Edge Systems

    Analyze the probable return and risk profiles of systematically trading a portfolio of commodities using TradeStation strategies. This software runs outside of TradeStation and uses monte carlo simulation to generate probability distributions of return and risk. Read More
  • Portfolio Optimization and Risk Management By Peregrine Asset Management Inc

    We employ both quantitative and qualitative optimization and risk management techniques for allocating to Trading Advisors and for managing the risk inherent to our funds. We rely on several different quantitative optimization methods such as volatility weighting, iteration, and targeted risk... Read More
  • Position Limits Databank By The Institute for Financial Markets

    The Position Limits Databank (PLD) is the global source of position limits data on over 13,500 products and is used by market participants to meet their intraday regulatory and reporting responsibilities. It is the only aggregated source in the world for DAILY futures, options on futures, and... Read More
  • Precious Metals IRA By Millennium Trust Company

    Most investors are familiar with precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc. However, many don’t realize that while you can gain exposure to precious metals through stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, futures and options markets, it is also possible to hold certain... Read More
  • Pro Analyst By Trendsetter Software, Inc.

    Turn Your Mac into a Professional Trading Station Pro Analyst brings each market to life with an easy-to-read quote monitor, personal ticker tape, headline news, and easy-to-follow graphics. Custom layouts "remember" every aspect of your personal design. With unlimited charts per layout and... Read More
  • Profit Analysis by Firm58 By Firm58, Inc

    Firm58's Profit Analysis solution calculates daily net profitability and provides permission-based online dashboards to help clients gain insight into margins, liquidity and income analysis. Automate analysis of variable and fix-cost trade activity and understand profitability drivers. Read More