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  • R | Trader™ By Express Futures

    R | Trader is well suited for the trader who wants quick execution on the electronic markets. Traders have the ability to trade futures and options from a price ladder or an order ticket. R | Trader also offers option chains, prebuilt strategies for futures and options plus streaming real-time... Read More
  • RANweb / RANorder By

    With RANweb, you can trade from any Internet-connected computer using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later. There is nothing to install, just log in and start trading! If you use Firefox or other non-Microsoft web browser, or prefer the user interface of a Windows application,... Read More
  • RCG Archive – Safe, Online Access to Your Historical Daily and Monthly Futures Trading Statements By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    Paperless statements are an efficient and convenient way to monitor your futures trading, and RCG makes it easy with RCG Passport™ and RCG Archive, our twin services that complement your futures trading. Passport gives futures brokers and clients safe, online account access, while Archive is the... Read More
  • RCG FIX API – exceptionally fast connectivity and reliable data for your futures trading system By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    The RCG FIX API gives experienced futures brokers and traders an elite solution for proprietarily developed trading strategies and systems, using the industry standard FIX 4.2 and 4.4 protocols. It is ideal for those using a wide variety of front-end and proprietary futures trading platforms,... Read More
  • RCG Onyx® - the cutting-edge, downloadable application for futures trading By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    Our flagship application RCG Onyx® gives experienced futures traders the tools they need to trade global products electronically. RCG Onyx is the product of extensive input from futures brokers, traders, and developers and provides exceptional standards for speed, stability, resilience,... Read More
  • RCG Onyx® RiskWatcher - The powerful tool from RCG for real-time monitoring and management of risk By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    At RCG, we strive constantly to improve and refine our services to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of futures trading. Our personal relationship with our customers and futures brokers help us develop the tools and features you need to assist your trading. That’s why we developed RCG... Read More
  • RCG Passport™ – the Simple, Easy and Efficient Way to Oversee Your Futures Trading Accounts Online By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    Paperless account management is a practical, convenient and environmentally friendly way of monitoring your futures trading, and RCG makes it simple with RCG Passport™ an invaluable online resource for both futures brokers and clients that provides up-to-date information on all trading account... Read More
  • RCG Prysm™ – the tool for give-up execution, internal trade allocations and average pricing By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    Whether you are a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) or a hedge fund manager in need of back-office support, RCG has the technology to meet your futures trading needs. RCG’s reputation for providing specialist services and technology for futures brokers and traders... Read More
  • RCG RiskHunter™ - Electronic Futures Trading Risk Management Across All Exchanges Around The Clock By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    In today’s dynamic and volatile markets, Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) need to be able to monitor pre-trade and post-trade conditions and help mitigate trading risk for the firm and our customers. That’s why we developed RCG RiskHunter™, a groundbreaking electronic tool that complements... Read More
  • RCG Server Hosting Solutions–leveraging RCG’s high-performance tech infrastructure By Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC

    Experienced futures brokers and traders value low latency connectivity for their electronic trading strategies and systems. RCG offers you customized server hosting solutions to help you achieve your trading goals, including high-speed connectivity for algorithmic trading or independently... Read More
  • RDS Independent By RDS Trader LLC

    1. RDS E- Book "Your Guide to Trading Forex and Commodity Futures; Making Sure You Know How to Land Before You Go Up" comes complete with 6 lessons filled with entry and exit examples explaining the application of our 5 time tested rules. Each part of the RDS E-Book comes with an interactive... Read More
  • RDS Trade Hunter By RDS Trader LLC

    Includes 1st Hour Adjustment Live Group Trading Session with RDS Trader President and Professional Trader, Michael Radkay, M-F 6:30a - 7:00a Pacific (sessions last 15 to 30 min; we record our live meetings and keep a minimum of 30 sessions in our archive, which translates into over 8hrs. of... Read More
  • Ready-Set-Go By

    The Ready-Set-Go system is so named because it requires a very specific 3-part market setup action to enter the markets (1-Ready, 2-Set, and 3-Go). The system is a long term system that identifies and trades off of specific swing points for entry signals. It has a unique trailing stop based on a... Read More
  • Real Estate IRAs By Millennium Trust Company

    There are many ways to own real estate. An investor could purchase a rental property, join a real estate investment group, or buy shares of a real estate investment trust. Investors may choose to invest in multifamily, office, industrial, retail, hotels, healthcare, or other types of commercial... Read More
  • RealTick By Express Futures

    Different trading styles require different tools. That's why RealTick offers flexibility - both in its user interface and the variety of add-ons that you can choose for your subscription. Customize your trading platform according to your strategies, and get an expansive view of the market.... Read More
  • Reasearch Center By RJ O'Brien

    RJO Radio Audio Updates Livestock/Dairy Products RJO OTC Trading Strategies Grain Products Financial Products NY Markets / LME Markets Trading Recommendations Weather Special Features Reference Documents and Calendars Reports Archive Subscriptions Read More
  • Research By SJB Futures, LLC

    Call us for details. Read More
  • Research, Consulting & Related Offerings By Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan offers growth solutions that pack a powerful one-two punch: Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions, and our best practices ensure your execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient. Many clients start with our Growth... Read More
  • Risk Calculator By Interbank FX LLC

    How many lots should you trade? We feel this is an important question that all traders should answer. While investing professionals recommend trading between 2% - 5% of account value per trade, the amount you decide to trade is your decision, and yours alone. However, deciding your risk level... Read More
  • Risk Management Workshops By CattleHedging.Com LLC

    We provide Risk Management Workshops to teach and help you learn a disciplined approach to Managing Your Risk! We teach and follow three risks that provide TRIGGERS to help you identify and MANAGE RISK! Read More

    RJO CONNECT provides clients who have their own trading application connectivity to the raw RJO order routing network and in turn, to all of the exchanges to which RJO has access. This solution provides a highly efficient connection for ‘black box’ algorithmic traders, as well. Read More
  • RJO Futures PRO By RJO Futures

    An exclusive and sophisticated online trading platform like no other with integrated tools to seamlessly trade and monitor the markets. Traders can easily view market activity, place orders and track orders and positions via the premier order management system. And, it's free to RJO Futures... Read More
  • RJO Futures PRO Mobile By RJO Futures

    Built for traders, by traders, RJO Futures PRO Mobile has a simple yet revolutionary design. It's the only app that puts everything you need on the same screen; your position, profit/loss and current orders. It’s also the only app with a fully synced trading experience between the RJO Futures... Read More
  • RJO Vantage By RJ O'Brien

    RJO Vantage is the newest application. It is downloaded and installed on a trader’s PC. Targeted to the individual, Introducing Broker and high velocity traders, RJO Vantage includes streaming quotes, Depth of Market, click based trading, and real time account information. Read More
  • RJO WEBOE By RJ O'Brien

    RJO WEBOE is RJO’s browser based solution. As a Web enabled application, the product is suitable for any customer with a connection to the Internet and a Web browser. No special client configurations or installation of software is needed. Read More
  • RSX -- Jurik's Relative Strength Index By Jurik Research Software

    Wilder's RSI is a very popular and clever technical indicator ... but is very noisy. Jurik's RSX is a super smooth, "noise free" version of RSI, with no added lag !! timing is everything. There's no question as to when RSX is reversing direction. No indecision, no lost time. Read More
  • RT Swing Trader By TRADERS NETWORK Inc.

    The RT Swing Trader is a unique online swing trading program combining veteran trader and author John Crane’s ‘Action/Reaction’ and market timing methods with a selective set of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principals to analyze market action and project future market swings. Read More