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  • Scalper Software By Scalper Software

    Our Scalper Pivot Point program can be used to see where turning points arise to help you confirm reverse trends. It can be loaded on any data-compression type of chart. Several conditions that must be meet before a signal is plotted. Unlike other software developed, Scalper Pivot Point... Read More
  • Scanners By eSignal

    eSignal scanners offer you tools that easily search the entire market -- in real time -- to find just the best trading prospects for you. Read More
  • Self-Directed By

    With our Self-Directed service, we've combined the benefits of online futures trading with the support of a traditional order desk to deliver the flexibility needed by today's experienced traders. We ensure immediate service on all orders, requests, and changes regardless of the size of the trade. Read More
  • Self-Directed Accounts By G-FORCE TRADING, LLC

    For the trader who needs little assistance. 24-hour trading/help desk. Technical support help line. An assigned broker to speak with if assistance is needed. Access to G-FORCE TRADING & MF Global's proprietary research. Real time quotes. Read More
  • Self-Directed Futures Trading By Daniels Trading

    Trading futures and options involves the risk of loss. You should consider carefully whether futures or options are appropriate to your financial situation. Only risk capital should be used when trading futures or options. Past results are not necessarily indicative of futures... Read More
  • Self-Directed IRAs By Entrust Freedom Self-Directed IRAs

    Entrust Freedom Specializes in helping your clients get trading in the commodities and futures market. Our application process is meant to as easy as possible and our fees the most reasonable in the market. Are you looking for new clients? Start promoting Self Directed IRAs and take... Read More
  • Self-Directed Trading Accounts By Zenith Futures

    For investors preferring to trade their own account with no broker assistance Powerful and easy to use Online Trading Platform offers the most professional and reliable direct trading system allowing you to have control of your portfolio directly from your own PC on your own schedule. Try a... Read More
  • Seminars By eSignal

    eSignal Learning's seminars teach you how to trade, using tools and strategies our expert presenters use themselves. No matter what market you're interested in, our tools can help you be a more effective trader. Read More
  • Seminars and Outlook Presentations By Brugler Marketing & Management LLC

    Brugler Marketing President Alan Brugler is in high demand for both commodity market outlook presentations and educational seminars. He has spoken before more than 800 U.S. and international groups in his career. He is a guest instructor for the Texas A&M Master Marketer Program, the K-State... Read More
  • Series 3 Exam Study Material By Securities Exam Preparation, Inc.

    The 200+ page, 3-ring binder study program is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. The Series 3 text is divided into the same categories as the exam -- this gives you a feeling as to the weighting of the topics on the exam. The Series 3 study program includes... Read More
  • Series 30 Branch Manager Exam Study Material By Securities Exam Preparation, Inc.

    This comb-bound booklet includes the NFA rules that are covered in the exam. The Windows CD* contains over 500 practice questions. $75.00 plus shipping Read More
  • Series 34 Forex Exam Study Materials By Securities Exam Preparation, Inc.

    The 140 page study text is divided into five chapters to match the NFA's study outline. End of chapter quizzes and 3 Final Exams are weighted to approximate the number of questions per category as the real exam. 150+ practice questions. $75.00 plus shipping Read More
  • Series 65 Investment Adviser Study Materials By Securities Exam Preparation, Inc.

    The Series 65 600+ page program comes in two 8 1/2 x 11" perfect bound books (the study text and the final exam book) --- and is specifically designed for the self-study student. The Study Text contains "Micro-Sections" and great page formatting that allows fast reading and emphasizes key... Read More
  • Sever Hosting By IRONBEAM INC.

    For algorithmic, high-frequency, or low-latency traders, server colocation at IRONBEAM's datacenters will provide you with an ultra-low latency solution. We offer colocation at the datacenters that house the exchange matching engines. Each datacenter is equipped with multiple redundant exchange... Read More
  • SFO Magazine By Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine

    With our free monthly e-magazine, you receive fresh coverage of trading stocks, futures, options, forex and ETFs, geared specifically for the individual trader in a convenient multimedia format. We cover the markets, trading strategies and key issues affecting traders. SFO provides boundless... Read More
  • SFO Weekly By Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine

    SFO Weekly is a free weekly companion to the monthly magazine. This e-newsletter is filled with timely ideas for the stock, futures, options and forex trader. You can start each week with new trade setups and strategies to try, delivered directly to your e-mail Monday mornings. Read More
  • Silver By Goldworth Financial

    Allocated or unallocated Silver. In the form of Bars and Coins. Including Bullion, Semi and Full Numismatic. Read More
  • Solutions for Clearing Firms By Algo Design Solutions

    CONSULTING, TESTING & REVIEWS ADS is pleased to assist in the development of a robust framework to manage the algo development process, from idea generation to algo deployment and implementation. Industry best practices for algo development and deployment form the core of our consulting... Read More
  • Special Research Reports By Brugler Marketing & Management LLC

    Special Research Reports provide valuable insight into the grains, livestock and cotton markets. Each SRR is a standalone article, whether technical, fundamental or statistically based. The Price & Probability Forecasts series is a very popular part of SRR, featuring detailed 6 to 8 page... Read More
  • STAR CTA Research Database By Granite Asset Management

    Stark & Company offers a broad array of specialized research products and services specific to alternative investments and managed futures. The firm maintains one of the industry’s oldest and most prominent Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) databases. Through STAR CTA Database, Stark & Company... Read More
  • Stocks By Interactive Brokers, LLC

    Trade stocks and ETFs worldwide with market-maker designed Trader Workstation (TWS), which provides support for over 40 different order types that limit risk, speed execution, improve price, use discretion, time the market and simplify trading. Specialized stock trading modules such as the... Read More
  • Stocks Trading Software By Track 'N Trade

    Isn't it Time You Started to Track 'n Trade Your Own Stock Portfolio? With this software you'll be able to take control of your own 401k Self direct your IRA fund, because no one cares about your money more that you do Trade, monitor, track and chart all the popular stocks on the... Read More
  • Stop Loss Secrets By

    Stop Loss Secrets teaches traders advanced stop loss strategies, how to trail stops, use limit orders for taking profits, and how to squeeze the market with multiple trailing stops and multiple target stops, using mathematically calculated stop placement points along with areas of support and... Read More
  • Strategy Runner 3.0 By Velocity Futures, LLC

    Strategy Runner is a high performance, sophisticated yet easy-to-use online trading platform that is available 24 hours a day and provides the complete functionality of a personalized online trading platform. Velocity connects Strategy Runner users to the robust TT network backbone to create a... Read More
  • Success Without Fear - The RACR's Edge for Traders By Path To Fulfillment Institute inc.

    What does it mean to have success without fear? Only you can answer that for yourself. However, we can help you begin to find the answer with this new CD & Journal! First ask yourself ~ what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being wrong? Of missing an opportunity? Of not being in the... Read More
  • System Assist® By Robbins Trading Company

    Computerized trade-management platform can follow your own or any commercially available system, including those offered on Save on research, hardware, software and data feeds. Read More
  • System Trading Services By Wisdom Trading

    Whether you are a fund manager or CTA, private or professional trader, Wisdom Trading can assist you with the execution of your trading system. Our trading professionals can sync our setup with yours and execute your system for you 100% of the time, or we can provide off-site back up and give up... Read More
  • Systematic Swing Trader By TRADERS NETWORK Inc.

    Most trading programs and algorithms on the market use the same set of static rules and parameters for every market. The result is a program that grows stale quickly or simply doesn’t work for many markets. The systematic Swing Trader on the other hand, has been designed and optimized on a... Read More