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  • Wall Street, Next Week By Henry Weingarten

    Financial Astrology = "Timing is Everything". Weekly market newsletter for investors and daily market commentary for traders and special commodity edition for market professionals. Read More
  • WaveRider By

    The WaveRider trading system is's answer to the Turtle system - WaveRider requires you spend 1/10 to 1/50 as much time to implement and trade as the Turtle system and our profit/drawdown ratio blows it away . The WaveRider system is so named because it catches the very... Read More
  • Wealth & Risk Management By Dallas Commodity Company, Inc.

    All investing has inherent risk. Experience Advisors at DCC and the RJO market research team provide risk solutions required to navigate volatile markets enabling. DCC offers Full Service solutions for discriminating investors. Read More
  • Web OE By RJO Futures

    WebOE (Web Order Entry) is a firewall-friendly order entry module that connects its users with access to the global futures marketplace. No special client configurations or installation of software is needed. Utilizing a series of dynamic web pages, this powerful application enables its users to... Read More
  • Weekly SPY Report SPDR S&P500 ETF By EFT Market Report

    Possessing exceptional liquidity, a high correlation with the broader US stock market, and a rock-bottom expense ratio, it’s no surprise the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE: SPY) has in the twenty years following its inception become the go-to allocation instrument for investors and portfolio managers... Read More
  • World Cup Trading Championships® By Robbins Trading Company

    Real-time, real-money trading competition with separate divisions for futures and forex trading. Top finishers receive prizes, coveted Bull & Bear trophies, and a chance to join the advisory team at Read More